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Here we’ll try to answer a few of your frequently asked questions and offer a few tips about getting the best out of


Q: Do I need a PayPal account to buy from AstroBoot?

A: No, you don’t need to have a Paypal account to pay via PayPal using your debit or credit card. Just click the PayPal button and select the option ‘pay with a credit or debit card’ which appears below the login box. Please note that we are unable to accept card payments over the phone, or payment via cheque or postal order.  


Q: I’ve clicked on my flag at the top of the page but all the text is still in English – why can’t I see it in my own language?

A: At we only speak English, and all site content is in English except these FAQs and a couple of small admin pieces. We are unable to provide product information, sales advice or customer service in any other language. If you contact us in a language other than English you will not receive a response – sorry!


Q: I placed an order for three items but only received two of them – why was this?

A: Basically, the missing item had sold before you paid for it. The stock availability can change very rapidly. To avoid disappointment, always refresh the page immediately before ordering – this will allow you to see if the item is still in stock. Please note: stock levels update automatically and respond immediately to completed sales. However, the figure for stock availability is not changed merely by placing items in the shopping cart. Items in the shopping cart are not 'yours' until paid for in full and other shoppers can still buy the items right up until your payment goes through. 


Q: I’ve noticed items disappearing as they are purchased but then reappearing some time later.  And this happens on items that previously had an in-stock value of 1 – what’s going on?

A: Many special items really are one-offs – when they sell, chances are you won’t see them again (or at least not until we get more). But we often have quantities of items and we are simply choosing to let them go one at a time. We do this to make sure that our customers get to enjoy the best deals (it's plain good business to make as many people as possible happy!).


Q: Why is the picture quality in the AstroBoot relatively poor?

A: It's a matter of economics. The photography and logging of the pictures is done very rapidly using a video system, and the images are automatically pre-processed for display. This system allows us to list very low-value, low-volume goods and retrieve them again for despatch in a way that fits in with our economic despatch procedures. 


Q: I purchased an item and I wasn't happy with the condition. Why don't you describe the item in more detail?

A: Well, we think we do describe the items in enough detail for you to make a buying decision. Don't forget: we'll always take the item back if you don't like it. If you are very fussy about the condition of your equipment, can we respectfully suggest that you avoid the temptation to buy items we are describing as 'scruffy' or 'dirty'. Perhaps it's a matter of interpretation - but when we list something as 'dirty' or 'scruffy', we don't just mean it has one or two specks of dust on it!


Q:  Are you prepared to take offers on any of the items?

A: No, we regret we're unable to consider e-mail or telephone offers on any of our items. But keep your eye on the item because if it does not sell over a period of time the price will go down!


Q:  Can I place an AstroBoot order over the phone?

A: No. It goes without saying that we are pleased that you wish to order an item from us and we don't wish to turn your business away - but the AstroBoot system was designed specifically for online orders only. It's too time-consuming for our staff to correctly identify the items you wish to purchase and they are unable to tell you anything about the item beyond what you can already see on screen. However, if you have a technical query you can always e-mail us – in English only please! 

Q:  I see you are based in Sweden – can I collect an order from you in person or purchase from your store in Sweden?

A: No. AstroBoot is designed for online transactions only and we reserve the right to decline ‘in-person’ enquiries about AstroBoot products. Of course you are welcome to visit our store during its advertised opening times as we have many items not listed on AstroBoot that you will find difficult to obtain elsewhere in Europe.  


Happy browsing!

The AstroBoot team