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At postage will never cost more than €25.00 — no matter how much you order!

Postage starts at €5 for small items, and you never pay more than €25 no matter how many items you order. So the more you buy the less postage you pay per item.

For more information please read our AstroBoot FAQs.

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Astronomy books - new and used

2x Sky at Night Books€2.50 Buy
Drehbare Mini-Sternkarte€5.75 Buy
Sternkarte für Einsteiger€9.00 Buy
Kometen handbook€6.50 Buy
Kippenhahns Stern stunden€2.50 Buy
Drehbare Welt-Sternkarte€13.00 Buy
Astro Bildbearbeitung DVD€9.00 Buy
Sky at Night Book€1.50 Buy
11.5" Planisphere€6.25 Buy