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At postage will never cost more than €25.00 — no matter how much you order!

Postage starts at €5 for small items, and you never pay more than €25 no matter how many items you order. So the more you buy the less postage you pay per item.

For more information please read our AstroBoot FAQs.

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Telescope and astronomy stuff Abbreviations: SW = Sky Watcher MI = Meade Instruments CE = Celestron LO = Losmandy AP = Astro Physics AE = Astro Engineering GEM = German Equatorial Mount EP = Eyepiece NP = Nose-piece HBX = Handbox

MI 14" ACF LX200 OTA€3,850.00 Buy
2x Focus knob rubbers€3.50 Buy
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SBIG OA guide rig STF-8300€200.00 Buy
Blow-out Mistral 8x42 Helios€60.00 Buy
Hot shoe Red dot finder€13.00 Buy
1.25" Alum nose-piece€3.00 Buy
SW Esprit 132mm rings€75.00 Buy
A5 Digiscope brkt €18.00 Buy
5m USB 2 ext cable€3.60 Buy
Smartphone holder for tripods€12.00 Buy
SW Esprit 48mm adap?€30.00 Buy
MI #494 AUX socket splitter€10.00 Buy
RDF timer C/board€2.50 Buy
RDF timer CB with fly leads€5.00 Buy
A5 PL 48mm filter€1.50 Buy
SW Flextube detemp ball€6.00 Buy
SBIG STL-STX desiccant plug€60.00 Buy
SBIG CLA-7 Nikon Lens Mount€110.00 Buy
AE M6 19x104mm knob€2.50 Buy
Dust Air Blaster€2.00 Buy
Lens Pen L 15mm/9mm€7.80 Buy
Lens Pen M 10mm/7mm€7.00 Buy
30mm HD bino brkt €6.00 Buy
Focus Master for 10" SCT€27.00 Buy
B Univ Smartphone Adap.€25.60 Buy
SW Evostar 90 OTA€90.00 Buy
SW AZ GoTo Mount€210.00 Buy
EQ2 RA motor drive & HBX€48.00 Buy
2" diagonal mirror€25.00 Buy
Set 1.25" colour filters. €18.00 Buy
AZ3 Altazimuth mount€84.00 Buy
WO 1.25" 2x Barlow NP€24.00 Buy
3x 35mm ID bolt bottles - Sml €7.80 Buy
2x 50mm ID bolt bottles - Med€6.00 Buy
3x bolt bottle set€8.40 Buy
SW 6x30mm finder €9.00 Buy
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37mm camera adap€10.00 Buy
50mm EP camera adap€9.00 Buy
Vix Wide photo adap universal€30.00 Buy
Vix Wide photo adap Canon & 4/3€30.00 Buy
15-45x52 spotter€34.80 Buy
SW 60mm x 700mm fl refractor €24.00 Buy
60mm x 700mm fl refractor €20.00 Buy
Losmandy HGM/GM pier top€60.00 Buy
6x30 finder with QR bkt€18.00 Buy
MI 14" LX200 mount bar€54.00 Buy
2x eclipse specs€3.00 Buy
MI LX rail strip€5.00 Buy
14" SCT piggy back bkt€36.00 Buy
A6 EQ2 mount part€10.00 Buy
MI 12 to 18V DC adap€18.00 Buy
MI DSI fan€18.00 Buy
A35 WO FLT152 adap ring€30.00 Buy
WOFLT98 adap ring€35.00 Buy
LO G11 drive motor€24.00 Buy
A4 SW EQ2 GEM€24.00 Buy
SBIG O-ring seal€3.00 Buy
EQ2 or DT camera platform€8.00 Buy
Tray & h'set holder€5.00 Buy
A4 Telrad dew shield€3.60 Buy
2x ali fucus knobs€4.00 Buy
3x Tripod leg bolts€2.50 Buy
Meade DSI fan€24.00 Buy
SW Heritage 130P parts€25.00 Buy
1.25" No.12 filter€4.80 Buy
1.25" 20mm PL EP€9.00 Buy
A6 SW AZGT Mount€10.00 Buy
eclipse viewing glasses€2.00 Buy
Minolta MD T ring€2.50 Buy
MA EP set 25 & 10mm€10.00 Buy
35mm dia compass€2.40 Buy
1.25" 10 & 20mm MA EP set€7.20 Buy
1.25" 25mm MA EP€6.00 Buy
SW 1.25" 25mm MA EP€6.00 Buy
1.25" 9mm SPL EP (GSO)€20.00 Buy
1.25" 20mm SPL EP (GSO)€20.00 Buy
1.25" 20mm Plossl EP€9.00 Buy
SW 70mm fl900 frac OTA€35.00 Buy
3 Way tripod head€18.00 Buy
AE 2" guide scope adap€9.00 Buy
GSO 1.25" 5x Barlow€30.00 Buy
A4 SW EQ1 mount€26.00 Buy
AE AC394 Pier tray €34.00 Buy
1.25" 10 & 25mm MA EP€11.75 Buy
SW EQ2 mount and tripod kit€66.00 Buy
AE AC555 MagniMax€19.00 Buy
SW 1.25" 25mm MA EP€9.25 Buy
SW 1.25" 25mm MA EP€9.25 Buy
1.25" 10mm & 25mm EP Set€15.60 Buy
SW 1.25" 25mm MA EP€9.25 Buy
SW 1.25" 10mm MA EP€7.40 Buy
C/balance weight 11mm bore€8.25 Buy
Universal finder mount€3.25 Buy
SW QR finder base€4.20 Buy
SW red dot finder pedestal€4.00 Buy
SW 60mm 700mm fl refractor€23.00 Buy
SW Crayford micro bearing€6.00 Buy
SW V4 handset holder€9.00 Buy
2x 50mm bino objectives€8.25 Buy
50mm bino lens€5.25 Buy
SW Tripod for EQ2€34.00 Buy
EQ-2 equatorial mount€26.00 Buy
SW Explorer 130 on EQ2€160.00 Buy
Silicone bulb air-blaster€2.95 Buy
Pack 10x soft bino cases€6.70 Buy
AE SW focal reducer adap€8.00 Buy
2" to webcam adap€6.00 Buy
AC555 Magnimax Barlow€11.50 Buy
A5 SW EQ2 mount€14.75 Buy
SW 6x30 finder on QR brkt€18.00 Buy
2" to 1.25" off-axis adap€13.25 Buy
37 to 50mm filter adap€10.00 Buy
62mm T thread ext tube€4.75 Buy
3.8Kg C/bal weight€18.00 Buy
1.25" 20mm EP A4€6.50 Buy
1.25" 20mm Plossl eyepiece€8.00 Buy
1.25" 23A filter €5.00 Buy
130P x 650mm mirror€30.00 Buy
1.25" Alumin. nose-piece€3.00 Buy
M2 x10 nylon screws€1.00 Buy
5x 3 element Barlow€25.00 Buy
1.25" 0.5x focal reducer€11.00 Buy
2" Guidescope adap €8.25 Buy
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75mm Convex mirror €13.00 Buy
Convex mr for artificial star?€18.00 Buy
31/4" Convex mirror€10.00 Buy
2x Velour soft pouch€1.50 Buy
Velour bag€1.00 Buy
NEQ6 EQ6 5kg weight€23.00 Buy
AE 2" guide scope adap€13.50 Buy
52mm 2" to T ext adap€12.00 Buy
SW 9x50mm QR finder€47.00 Buy
76mm Newt mirror in cell€10.00 Buy
0.965" H20 EP€4.00 Buy
48mm retaining ring€1.50 Buy
Rubber eyecup for 38mm€6.00 Buy
48mm Rotating filter ring€1.80 Buy
326mm metal dust cap€13.50 Buy
Flat mirror 55mm x 45mm€20.00 Buy
Flat mirror 55mm x 45mm€27.00 Buy
AC624 Webcam nosepiece€8.00 Buy
130mm 900mm fl mirror€24.00 Buy
130mm P/bolic mirror set€64.00 Buy
114mm mirror set€27.00 Buy
AC515 LX200 micro focus knob €19.00 Buy
48mm filter retaining ring€2.25 Buy
EQ1 GEM head€20.00 Buy
SW 130mm front cell inc mirror€18.00 Buy
AE 14" LX SCT 3D rail mount€40.00 Buy
Nikon SLR T ring€6.75 Buy
AC553 40.5mm to T adap€4.00 Buy
AC553 40.5mm to T adap€4.00 Buy
76mm P/bolic mirror set€13.50 Buy
Large steel washer€2.50 Buy
LX Wedge latitude adjust.€14.25 Buy
Quick release T/pod mount€6.00 Buy
130mm 2nd mirror & cell€10.75 Buy
SW 30mm finder brkt€10.75 Buy
19x104mm knurled alu handle €2.25 Buy
SP EP fit ring€2.75 Buy
A5 1/2" x 6" & 3/4" stud knob €3.60 Buy
Meade wedge Azimuth index€6.75 Buy
Smart phone 61mm EP mount€34.00 Buy
EP ring & 3 screws€4.00 Buy
25x25mm poly cases€2.75 Buy
10x25 rubber eyecup€2.25 Buy
48mm (2") filter holders x2€2.25 Buy
Phono to BNC adap€2.25 Buy
48mm (2") filter holder€1.80 Buy
Rotating 48mm filter holder€2.00 Buy
MS 23mm to T NP€9.50 Buy
SW EQ2 mount head€34.00 Buy
Lum Meade 2" diag adapt€13.50 Buy
AC556 49mm to T adap€4.00 Buy
AC526 58mm to T adap€3.00 Buy
4.25kg C/bal weight 25.4mm €30.00 Buy
AE Azimuth index for wedge€6.75 Buy
MI Azimuth index for EQ wedge€7.20 Buy
DSLR 1.25" to T adapt €8.00 Buy
Bresser Messier tripod bolt€15.00 Buy
Olympus - OM T ring€4.00 Buy
Praktica 200B T ring€6.00 Buy
Minolta Maxxum T ring€5.00 Buy
Pentax K T ring€6.00 Buy
Pentax screw T ring€4.00 Buy
Olympus Micro 4/3 T ring€8.00 Buy
4/3 T ring (Olympus)€6.75 Buy
1.25" 25mm Coronado K-EP€16.25 Buy
MI 1.25" 25mm MA EP€13.50 Buy
T thread & 2" to webcam€6.75 Buy
12mm 1.25" GSO EP€22.00 Buy
7 pc Optics cleaning & tool kit€6.00 Buy
2" nose-piece€8.00 Buy
4 line jack to 4 line jack €2.75 Buy
8x21 golf scope€5.25 Buy
16" LX200 light bar€27.00 Buy
Guide scope converter€20.00 Buy
SW EQ2 head only€34.00 Buy
Fourthirds T ring€6.00 Buy
MI 1m 2.5mm ext€2.75 Buy
MI 5m 2.5 to 2.5 ext€4.00 Buy
Large Porro prisms€5.50 Buy
SW L dovetail bracket€6.75 Buy
Olympus OM T ring€4.75 Buy
Table-top tripod€4.00 Buy
2x Phono plugs€2.75 Buy
2x Phono sockets €2.75 Buy
Azimuth index LX200 wedge€7.20 Buy
52mm Petal lens hood€9.50 Buy
LO G11 pier top€47.00 Buy
GSO 1.25" No11 filter€5.50 Buy
Focus Master for 12" SCT€22.00 Buy
Focus Master for 14" SCT€24.00 Buy
130mm mirror set€41.00 Buy
5" dual rail ring€13.50 Buy
MI 25mm MA EP€10.75 Buy
Optus spotter€27.00 Buy
Guide scope convertion barrel€10.75 Buy
Metal 2 hole finder bracket €2.25 Buy
SW Tool Kit - 4pc€2.25 Buy
6x RCA/Phono plugs€2.25 Buy
AC026 ETX acc plate€6.75 Buy
AC550 30mm (Sony) to T€6.75 Buy
AC551 30.5mm Canon to T€5.75 Buy
AC560 62mm to T€4.00 Buy
AC721 adap ring€3.60 Buy
2x 58mm x 25mm poly case€2.75 Buy
Eclipse glasses€3.00 Buy
M6 fit plastic caps€3.50 Buy
MI 1.25" 20mm MA EP€10.75 Buy
2" (48mm) Skylight filter€4.80 Buy
600mm scope tripod€6.50 Buy
EQ2 AZ3 tripod base platform€6.75 Buy
MI 1.25" 25mm MA EP€13.50 Buy
Stargazing guide€2.75 Buy
70mm x 700 refractor lens€13.50 Buy
20mm Compass€2.50 Buy
SW 8x20 finder€5.00 Buy
SW EQ2 GEM €34.00 Buy
2x BaK4 Porro prisms€4.00 Buy
Red dot finder flat base€6.75 Buy
AE 14" focus mask€13.50 Buy
Mini screwdriver set€2.75 Buy
AE Camera mount€5.50 Buy
Lip stick brush€2.75 Buy
1.25" No 25 red filter€6.00 Buy
AE Tandem mount for PST€27.00 Buy
SW 1.25" 20mm MA€9.50 Buy
AC344 Flexi-Mate for ETX90€12.25 Buy
Metal foot for QR shoe €5.50 Buy
2.5mm to 2.1mm Jack adap€2.75 Buy
6x20 2 hole finder€5.50 Buy
SW 6x20 Astrolux finder€8.00 Buy
A4 SW 1.25" 25mm MA €5.50 Buy
Car window mount€13.50 Buy
1.25" nose 39.9mm ID€4.00 Buy
Red Dot finder flat base€8.75 Buy
Pentax KM T mount€4.00 Buy
RD finder to QR pedestal €4.00 Buy
AC156 ETX to LX wedge€13.50 Buy
14" SCT Piggy back brkt€27.00 Buy
Dew heater ext cable€6.00 Buy
2x finder bases€4.75 Buy
SW Finder rubber 'O' ring€3.50 Buy
2" Skylight filter€4.00 Buy
Guide scope ext tube€10.75 Buy
Mount ring tripod plate€5.50 Buy
Small tube with rack€3.50 Buy
100x30mm Alu plate €3.50 Buy
2" Skylight filter€5.50 Buy
FR bolt bottle€2.25 Buy
60mm x 700mm object lens€5.25 Buy
60mm x900mm object lens€5.25 Buy
1.25" SW 20mm MA EP€10.75 Buy
QR to 2 hole adap€6.75 Buy
Collimation knobs for 8" SCT€4.95 Buy
Collimation knobs for 12" SCT€4.95 Buy
Collimation knobs for 10" SCT€4.95 Buy
SW EQ1 tray screws €2.75 Buy
1.25" and .965" EP tray€4.00 Buy
76mm mirror in cell€10.75 Buy
Female T mount core€2.25 Buy
SW eyepiece tray€5.50 Buy
8" Flextube no optics€61.00 Buy
Universal RDF bracket€2.75 Buy
Meade 1.25" 20mm MA EP€10.50 Buy
Midi camera case€10.75 Buy
camera case & tripod €13.50 Buy
63 x 63 plastic case€2.25 Buy
76mm mirror set€13.50 Buy
1.25" to T nosepiece€7.50 Buy
3 pc cleaning kit in bottle€4.25 Buy
60mm x 700mm FL lens€7.95 Buy
60mm x 900mm FL lens€10.75 Buy
72x72x12mm case€1.75 Buy
80mm 387g weight€7.75 Buy
AE Webcam nosepiece€8.50 Buy
40mm compass€3.50 Buy
AC524 Olympus adap€4.80 Buy
AC523 Nikon adap€5.50 Buy
1.25" 10mm & 25mm EP€16.25 Buy
CV-1 connector€3.50 Buy
15a 1.25" yellow filter GSO€5.00 Buy
1.25" plastic 35mm ext tube€2.75 Buy
1.25" EP focuser cap€6.75 Buy
Microscope disecting kit€9.50 Buy
1.25" 25mm Kellner EP€6.75 Buy
Metal EP tray€5.50 Buy
SW 6 to 8 line jack cable €6.75 Buy
80mm 400g weight€6.75 Buy
M6 x 15mm male knob €2.75 Buy
SW 300P focus shift kit€42.00 Buy
100 x 30mm plate€4.00 Buy
Table-top tripod €5.50 Buy
100 glass cover slips€1.75 Buy
Half a 12x50 binocular€16.25 Buy
Pentax screw T mount€4.00 Buy
Olympus OM T ring€3.75 Buy
Olympus OM - T ring€2.75 Buy
Set 4 porro prisms€5.50 Buy
ETX tripod top€13.50 Buy
10mm T mount ext tube€5.50 Buy
DIY 8x50 finder parts€8.00 Buy
Black 6x20 finder€5.50 Buy
M8 85mm bolts & W/nuts€3.50 Buy
76mm Newt OTA€34.00 Buy
Digi-scope brkt€8.00 Buy
3/8" TT tripod€12.25 Buy
SW Autotrack tripod€27.00 Buy
A6 x50 prism box €6.75 Buy
50mm bino objective€6.75 Buy
Set of 3 weights€16.25 Buy
Red dot finder€7.50 Buy
Sml EQ head & tripod€20.00 Buy
Pocket tripod€4.00 Buy
Yoke for 60mm refractor€13.50 Buy
62mm T ext tube€5.75 Buy
76mm mirror in cell€15.00 Buy
Planetarium PC software€2.75 Buy
3 piece cleaning kit€2.25 Buy
Tripod EP tray€2.75 Buy
750mm anti-dew tape€30.00 Buy
Metal bino tripod brkt€2.75 Buy
6x20 2 hole base finder€4.75 Buy
AC624 1.25" webcam low prof NP€8.00 Buy
30mm to 28mm Step ring€2.00 Buy
10x50 bino case€3.50 Buy
1.25" Delrin billet€2.00 Buy
30mm HD bino brkt€8.00 Buy
Canon EOS T mount€4.75 Buy
Canon EOS T mount€3.25 Buy
25mm Spirit level€0.75 Buy
Female T ring core€2.25 Buy
1m Phono to phono cable €0.75 Buy
ETX 70 flexi focus€8.00 Buy
Flexi focus for ETX70€6.75 Buy
1.25" 25mm MA EP€13.50 Buy
1.25" 20mm MA EP€13.50 Buy
Collimation knobs for 12" SCT€5.50 Buy
Collimation knobs for 10" SCT€5.50 Buy
ETX on SCT wedge plate€13.50 Buy
63 x 63 x 30mm plastic box €1.25 Buy
AC531 Fuji T adaptor€5.50 Buy
Focus Master for 10" SCT€27.00 Buy
GSO 1.25" No 12 yellow filter€3.95 Buy
AC522 for Nikon cameras€10.75 Buy
Amici prism unit €2.00 Buy
Plastic case 37mm sq€1.25 Buy
GSO 1.25" 29 red filter€4.25 Buy
Bottle for 8 to 24 zoom€2.25 Buy
Collimate knobs for 8" SCT€4.75 Buy
Short fat bolt bottle€2.00 Buy
Mini folding tripod€2.25 Buy
Large bolt bottle€2.25 Buy
Canon FD T adaptor€2.65 Buy