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At postage will never cost more than €25.00 — no matter how much you order!

Postage starts at €5 for small items, and you never pay more than €25 no matter how many items you order. So the more you buy the less postage you pay per item.

For more information please read our AstroBoot FAQs.

To reduce the number of items displayed try the selection wizard below.

Bolts, screws and knobs (for telescopes) To replace the things you bend bust and lose (many items are brand specific spares so if the spare you need has a thread look here first. But it still may be in the section above, as we get a bit widget punchy sometimes).

M4 x12mm thumb knob€2.50 Buy
M3x8.5mm SS button screws€2.50 Buy
4x M10x65mm Soc caps€4.00 Buy
M6x33mm thumb knob€2.00 Buy
SW Spider vane knob€3.50 Buy
EQ1 & 2 tripod knob (M10)€9.50 Buy
1/4" sock/cap T caps 4x€3.00 Buy
M5x10mm screws inc w/nuts€3.00 Buy
4x 6mm sock/cap knobs€3.50 Buy
3/16"x10-32 UNF thumb screw€0.75 Buy
M6 x 20mm knob€2.25 Buy
UNC 1/4" x 1" knob€2.50 Buy
M8 x 18mm thumb knob€3.00 Buy
M6 x 35mm knob€2.25 Buy
M6 Sock/cap knobs€3.00 Buy
4x 1/4" sock/cap knobs€3.50 Buy
4x M3 sock/cap knobs€2.25 Buy
2x M3 x 9mm lock screws€3.50 Buy
1/4" x 1/2" UNC thumb screws€3.50 Buy
M8 x 95 tripod leg bolts (3)€3.50 Buy
3x M4 screws and wingnuts€3.50 Buy
3x M8 x 15mm T knobs €5.00 Buy
M6 fit plastic tips€5.25 Buy
2x M6 x 20mm T knobs€6.25 Buy
M6 Tri-knob€3.25 Buy
M6 large hand-knob€4.50 Buy
M6 x 20mm T knob€3.50 Buy
M6 50mm dia knob€4.50 Buy
M6 x 15mm T knob€2.00 Buy
M6 hex head thumb caps€4.50 Buy
M8 x 34 T knob€3.50 Buy
1/4" UNC x 1-1/2" SS thumbs€5.25 Buy
1/4" UNC x 5/8" SS soc caps€6.25 Buy
1/4" UNC x 3/8" SS soc caps€5.25 Buy
1/4" UNC x 1/2" SS soc caps€5.25 Buy
1/4" x 3/4" UNC nylon thumbs€4.50 Buy
1/4" UNC x <1/2"lobe knob€4.50 Buy
M10 & M8 bolt kit€5.25 Buy
SW M6 x 15mm knob€3.50 Buy
M8 x 80mm leg bolt€3.00 Buy
SW Flextube M6 Tommi bolt€8.75 Buy
M6 x 20mm knob€4.50 Buy
1/4" x 5/8" UNC button head€3.00 Buy
M6 x 16mm SS Button heads€5.25 Buy
1/4" x 3/4" nylon screws€5.25 Buy
M6 x 80mm wing bolts€5.00 Buy
1/4" UNC x 1/2" nylon screws€3.50 Buy
3x M8 x 89mm bolts & w/nuts€3.50 Buy
M4 x 13 thumb screw€4.50 Buy
M8 x 35mm T - knob€3.50 Buy
SW M8x30mm DT screw €6.50 Buy
M8 x 17 Large Tri-star knob€2.00 Buy
M6 x 13 sml Tri-star knob€2.50 Buy
M8 x 17 sml Tri-star knob€3.00 Buy
SW M10 EQ1&2 base bolt€7.25 Buy
M8 x 34mm T knob€4.50 Buy
1/4" x 1-1/2" UNC hand knob€3.00 Buy
1-1/2" x 3/8" UNF knob€3.00 Buy
85mm M8 bolts x3€4.00 Buy
1/4" x 1/2" Tristar knob €3.50 Buy
6 plastic tips for M6€3.00 Buy